Bye bye GIS Server : )

Isn't interesting ? I have checking presentation by James Fee (enthusiastic geo-geek ) and it looks so promising that there is no need of GIS Server (of-course certain limitations..but for basic purpose its okay..) to publish spatial data on the web ,if you have spatial database (such as PostGIS) and familiar to node.js then its possible to directly publish data over the map..looks cool.  Check out this slide show Source :  Article based on James Fee blog

Mission 2014

So the first quarter of 2014 is completed & looking back to my goals/challenges . I am really happy for this time because few things completed in first quarter and remaining things is still going on... My goals in 2014 : Web-GIS Development : Hmm.... still working ? Yep : )  as GIS Developer and the new things are coming out such as new frameworks ,tools ,API's etc.  Implemented ArcGIS  JS API  successfully : ) looking ahead to leaflet API now ,its quite good & cool. Easy to implement for mobile platform.    Travel : As per this quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine " . Journey its part of our life.Explored famous destinations across the India & still exploring : )   Technology :  Cloud ..Cloud...Cloud..still in cloud.

Google Mapping certification completed : )


Book review : Inspiring book

  Its story 25 IIM graduates who believed in the power of their dreams and became successful entrepreneurs.The real story about entrepreneurs was so nice and the everyone must read this book. So "Never be satisfied, and always push yourself. Do the things people say cannot be done."

नको-नकोसा नकार आणी हवा-हवासा होकार

गेले काही  दिवस  मी देखील  या "नकोसा  नकार"  हा प्रकार  अनुभवत  आहे  आणि  माझ्या मते   आपल्या  मनात एक  विशिष्ट  कल्पना /प्रतिमा  असते  (त्याची /तीची )  आणी  समोरचा  त्यात  बसणारा  असेल  तरच  आपण  पुढे  जातो अन्यथा  नाही. त्यामुळे  वाईट  वाटणे साहजिकच  आहे  पण  याहून  चांगली  मिळणार  आहे असे म्हणायचे  आणी  पुढे  जात राहायचे… शेवटी  पैसा , सुख ,संपत्ती , status  ते  काय  क्षणभंगुर  असते  म्हणूनच   तो  किंवा  ती   अशी  निवडा  की  ती व्यक्ती  तुम्हाला  समजून  घेऊन  आयुष्यभर  तुम्हाला  आणि तुमच्या  संपूर्ण  कुटुंबाला सुखात , आनंदात  ठेवेल. अशी  तो/ती  लवकरच प्रत्येकाला  भेटावी  या साठी  शुभेच्छा  !!! या विषयी  गौरी  कानिटकर  यांचा  हा  लेख  वाचा.

Thanks Steve. Finally I was able to integrate Cloud technology in my map : )

 My hero Thanks Steve ..

तुझ्यावरच्या कविता : मस्त कवितासंग्रह

नुकतेच  मी संदीप  खरे चा  नवीन  कवितासंग्रह  वाचला . अतिशय  सहज  सोप्या  शब्दात  छान  भावना  मांडल्या आहेत . एकदा  तरी  वाचवा  असा कवितासंग्रह आहे ऑन लाईन  लिंक  कवितासंग्रह खरेदी  करण्याची